Saturday, February 12, 2011

Emily in the beginning

Emily is from a small town called Chapel Hill, TN.  She lived a picture perfect life with amazing parents who stepped straight out of the 50's decade.  When she was young, Emily immersed herself in writing.  Not a difficult thing to do as she was nurtured and encouraged by everyone who encountered her.  It was hard to evade the aura that exuded from her every pore.  Her family raised her to have faith that God would provide for her and lead her where He wanted her.  This meant having faith in herself and the knowledge that He loved her and was talking to her heart. 

She quickly rose above her class in talent and maturity.  Her parents and grandparents were with her every step of the way.  She rode horses and drank in everything she could from her surroundings. She saw the best in everyone but had a slight shyness and even doubt in herself creating a tendency to hold back on ventures that could truly expand and challenge her.  Her fears stopped from seeing things through to completion. 

She lived in a comfortable bubble and the time came for he step out of the bubble.  After receiving her college degree in Journalism she felt led to move to New York.  There was no way for her to broaden a writing career in Chapel Hill.  It was a prospect that terrified her but for the first time in her life she was stepping out in complete faith.  She was on her own, setting out on an adventure, destination truly unforeseen, thus propelling her on the journey that could throw humanity into a complete spiral. 

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