Thursday, January 27, 2011

Destiny Walkers

I have been writing a book by the name of Destiny Walkers.  Have you ever met someone who made an impact on your life in some major way?  Possibly changed the path of your life?  Have you been an influence in someone else's life so that you impacted them in that same way?  I have always thought about a few people that appeared throughout my life, maybe at random, maybe once for a time and than never again.  The idea came to me that these people somehow changed me, even a little.  They changed my destiny. Maybe I had gone off the beaten path and God wanted me back on so He strategically placed people to do the job?  I came up with the idea of a Destiny Walker...

Destiny Walkers live in heaven.  They are not angels.  They were meant to be born, but something happened to prevent their birth so they have grown up in heaven.  They don't get old but they do have a purpose.  They are trained up to come to earth and follow us humans around and nudge us back on track.  Destiny Walkers merge in and out of people's lives staying longer for those of us that are more stubborn and even coming back. 

Emily and Drew have never met.  They have, in fact, lived very separate and different lives.  When they finally do come together, all is right on track.  Things in heaven click right along and the Destiny Walkers are pleased.  That is until tragedy strikes in the lives of Emily, Drew and the Destiny Walkers.  The will to live out a destiny is far too strong to contain a soul in heaven and could cause potential disaster on earth.

Follow with me as I bring these characters and stories to life in a prelude to...Destiny Walkers.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Welcome to my Destiny Walkers short story blog!  The future of this blog involves a prelude of charcters, backgrounds and stories related to my upcoming novel titled Destiny Walkers!  Email me your short stories and I will post them on my blog!  See you soon!