Saturday, June 18, 2011


Myra is the head housekeeper in the house Drew grew up in.  She is a sweet little bundle of love and a maternal figure for Drew, who's mother seemed to be lacking significantly in this area.  In her fifties when we meet her, she has lost her husband but rarely talks about it.  She describes Mr. Langston as the man who graciously took her in, but there is little warmth in her relation with him.  She is a scared scared when the door to her room closes and she sleeps with one eye open.  Myra is quiet among the staff and was devastated when Drew left home.  She knew he had every reason to and was, perhaps, the only person within the house who supported him.

Myra's past is only temporarily hidden.  It is boils under the surface and it only takes one little action to bring it to the surface.  Drew is the one and only person left in the world that she trusts.  She knows her future and has limited options in what she can do to change things. 

She is a diligent and strong minded woman who makes a plan that may affect everyone's destiny.